The Freedom to Play

by chekna on Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Although there will be times when you 'organize' your child's play,

most play should be spontaneous and unstructured by the parent.

When toddlers have the freedom to do their own 'research'

and the freedom to move at their own speed, they learn the most.

Follow your toddler's lead.

If he is acting whiny and bored, get his started on a different activity.


above each other deeply....

4 blaze of sunshine:

Syana said...

panjangh nye rambut ziyad.. bila nak potong..??? but he looks sgt comel berambut mcm tu...

chekna said...

haah...ayah dia xkasi potong, sayang. nasib baik rambut xtebal sgt. bila rambut dh panjang ni, ramai plak yg ckap cam girl.

5577 said...

ziyad yg sgt comel!

aah i pun setuju, altho kite leh beli mainan ikut apa yg kite rs sesuai, tp kena bg dia freedom utk explore n research sendiri kan.. :)

chekna said...

thanks farah. bagi diorg(bb/toddler) semua benda adalah toys.. that's y they have their own creative way to play with & they enjoy it!!