lensaMama Melts My Heart Away

by chekna on Thursday, July 08, 2010

another contest???
xpe, gagal sekali bukanlah gagal segala2nya
usaha tangga kejayaan kan
go..go.. cayokk....

kali ni temanya adalah....

again, being organised by


and sponsored by


even the organizer allowed more than 1 photo to be uploaded
i decided that this only one photo will do
it's just because i really2 love this pic
this one is really & definitely melts my heart away

his smile.....
i really love to see his smile

sweet tak anak bujang mama ni bila senyum???

name: Ziyad Aiman
DOB: 5 June 2008

wanna join too?? click the above banner plz
and to all other contestant... good luck!!

love each other deeply....

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