master gardener

by chekna on Thursday, November 18, 2010

Would you believe he puts his front lawn pot plants away every nite 
and put them up every day for people to admire ??

As you can see a lot of the flowers are in pots. 
I guess this is so they can be changed easily.

No words need. 

And here is the backyard. WOW! 

Here is the master gardener!

  note: wish to have house with nice garden like this????

3 blaze of sunshine:

kakyong said...

bestnya kalo rumah cantik mcm ni..
bertuah sgt2 kalo dpt suami yg suka dgn hal2 kebun ni...

chekna @ mama ziyad said...

tu la pasal.. jangan sayang bunga lebih dari sayang kite sudah...

cik puan akish said...

wahhhhh....manyak sgh munge dia...=)